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WHERE TO REPORT A SCAM: Talking to the right jurisdiction and navigating your way through the law enforcement system without wasting your time



You have received parcels or envelopes and have reshipped the contents




Bank accounts: You have withdrawn the money from your account and have spent and/or sent the money





The Backstage Tour of scamming

List of scams

Library: How-To's, information documents, white papers, articles, forms, and more...

The Founder's story

How to Write a Fraud Report / Narrative

Employment & Romance: processing payments, collections, donations, investments, forwarding checks and money orders, forwarding packages, forwarding money received by Western Union, writing and signing checks, Secret shopper jobs, forwarding cash received in packages and envelopes.

The Dictionary of Financial Scam Terms©

Frequently Asked Questions about investment scams

The Nigerian Scams

Lottery & Sweepstakes Scams + Free Online Database

DV Lottery Scams, Green Card Lottery Scams

The 14 most common excuses used by swindlers for not returning your money

Counterfeit Check and Money Order Scams


Reporting, crime-fighting, and victim resource links

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